July 26, 2008

Round two?

OK, I did it...I jumped back on the blogging band wagon. This was at the request of my sister, Mandy. It's not that I didn't want to continue blogging- I just ran out of time! But, I will give this another shot...I'm looking forward to it actually! I think this is a neat way to keep in touch with my family and it's a great way to meet new and interesting people. Seems pretty safe, too. Not like some of those other creepy web places out there.

I'm afraid I am going to have to follow suit like my sister and just put it out there that there may be times that I disappear. I promise to return with lots of new and exciting stories. I mean, let's face it, I have a three year old, a 4 month old, a husband, a cat and a dog! Life around here can be pretty entertaining.

I'll tell you a secret, though...I love the meme's. I do! I can't help it! Some of them are so interesting and the topics are so fun. To be honest, it makes for good blogging material when you have writer's block. I love to talk about books and movies and music so you may see some posts about the lastest flick I have seen ( The Dark Knight-FANTASTIC) or the latest book I am reading (Dean Koontz- Brother Odd).

So, I am ready to give it a whirl and see how this pans out!

Until then...!


Mandy said...

Wow! It seems you have caught on pretty quick! Isn't the new template so much easier? Your sidebar looks great!

I am so excited that you are back! Like you said, we email pretty much every day, but reading each other's blog is still fun!

I can't wait to move back, either!

Barb said...

Well, hello again. Didn't I just see you ten minutes ago?

I'm glad you listened to your sister - it doesn't matter how often you post as long as you enjoy it. You can be sure your family is going to enjoy hearing from you.

By the way, both your girls need to get my shop button into your sidebars. But hold off a bit - I've got some cool new buttons and I'll share one of them with you.

By the way, when you and the kids come down this afternoon, please bring 27 Dresses. I can't wait to see that movie. :-)


Krissy said...

Mom, you are so silly! Yes, I will bring the movie...it was too cute.

Mandy- help...mom says I need to do a post on my old blog and link this one to it...how do I do that? And you are going to have to show me how to add mom's shop button. I caught on fast but not that fast.

Michelle said...

I've been reading your mom's blog for awhile now, so I'm glad to see that you are back in blog land again!

Lynne said...

I just love hearing all about Cameron and Avery on your Mom's blog. Now you'll have to post bunches of pictures of them too!

Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

Hi Im a regular reader of your moms blog
I LOVE reading about your lovely kids
I look forward to getting to know you better

Bev said...

Happy to see you're back, and more than patient with you for whenver you can make it. You have your hands full! xooxox Aunt Bev

Krissy said...

Thanks for the support everyone! I promise to return when I have something new to share!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hey, Krissy! Nice to see you back in Bloggityville. I remember your first blog, and I understand that life takes precedence over blogging. Sometimes I only post once a week when it's really hectic or I'm not feeling too swooft. Post when you have time or have something to share. No pressure, no problem. :o)

It won't take you long to figure out how to make links, etc. and if Mandy can't help your Mom or your Aunt Bev should be able to answer your questions.

Welcome back! :o)

Love and hugs,


Linds said...

Welcome back, Krissy - I am here from your Mum's blog too. It is great to see you addign your dimension to the family blogoshere!

Christy Lee said...

Hi Krissy, I read your mom's blog a lot and see lots of pics of your beautiful family...welcome back to blogging! Stop by my blog anytime!

Beck said...

Hi Krissy! I'm here from your mom's place - I hope you have fun blogging!

Gretchen said...

Welcome Krissy! I've enjoyed hearing about you so much from your mom's blog. It's nice to come and hear from you in the first person. :)


Shalee said...

I think the deal with blogging is to tell yourself that not posting is okay for a bit, but rather to post when you have something to say, even if that something is "Help! I'm losing my mind!"

Judith said...

Hi Krissy, This is so cool, and easy to keep in touch better, but no quotas, no pressure. Life gives enough of that. However, pictures of those two lovely children always appreciated.