August 9, 2008

"Just Like Daddy!"

Well, I didn't get off to a very good start with my new blog. But, it's not entirely my fault! First, I work full time so evenings consist of dinner, bath time, playtime, bedtime. Second, I have the most unreliable computer on the planet. I never know when it's going to work and it didn't want to work all last week. My husband says it needs a system restore but our son thought it would be fun to break the restore discs in he did! So there you have it!

Things around here have been more than a little crazy but the one thing that has kept us the busiest is potty training. Sooooooo not my favorite part of parenting so far. But, what do you do!? We have been working with Cam for about 3 months now and it gets a little better every day. He's pretty good at #1 even though there is the occasional accident if he gets too busy playing or if his blood sugar is a little high. #2 is a completely different story but I think we figured out the trick...Matchbox cars, Chucky Cheese and big boy underwear. Let me explain:

The car thing worked wonderfully when we were teaching #1- he now owns a bunch of Matchbox cars, that's how fast he caught on. So, when it was time to tackle #2 we tried the same trick. This time we placed 5 Matchbox cars on the top shelf in the bathroom where he could see them every day and we told him for every #2 he did in the potty he could have a car. Didn't go over so well. He was not interested at...all. So we promised Chucky Cheese.

There comes a point in every toddlers life when he decides he loves Chucky Cheese. For those of you who are not familiar, Chucky Cheese is a mini arcade for small kids. When I was growing up it was Showbiz Pizza. They have funny little games that spit out tickets at record speed so your little one can claim a prize at the end of the evening. They serve pizza and pop and even the occasional "adult" drink. My girlfriend Kelli and I say those drinks are for the daddies that are forced to tag along! Ha! They host birthday parties and all kinds of fun stuff. But, I digress...

Cam has been to several birthday parties at CC's and has decided he wants to go there everyday. So, I told him- do #2 and we'll take you to CC. Um, nope. That didn't work either. If memory serves me, when I told him that, his response was "Oh, man! Bummer!".

At my wits end and on the verge of complete mental breakdown Kelli told me to try big boy underwear. Not big boy Pull-Ups, actual underwear. You know, the kind that no kid wants to feel #2 in. Sounds horrible, I know, that's what I thought at first. To be honest, I didn't buy them! I felt awful at the thought that Cam would have to experience that. However...we got nowhere. Mental breakdown quickly approaching, I did it- I bought the big boy underwear. (Insert beautiful sun rays and heavenly angels singing down on us)...

It worked! Holy moly, it worked! She was right! So, now Cam owns 4 out of the 5 Matchbox cars and he has a wonderful assortment of big boy underwear. We haven't had an accident in 4 days! Can you believe it?

Now, the latest event and the meaning of my post title.

Cam comes to me this morning and tells me he has to go potty. We go to the bathroom, get his little potty ready and I help him with his undies. I turn around for .25 seconds and he is STANDING there trying to pee in his potty. But, he is peeing all over my floor and all over my wall. I am so dumbfounded that I literally stand there...what do I do!? I can't tell him to stop for heavens sake...when you gotta go, you gotta go. He managed to get a little in the potty and, when he was finished, looked up at me with the biggest smile and said "Just like Daddy!". OK, seriously, melted my heart.

So, I think we are headed down the home stretch of potty training. He still wants his trip to CC, and he will get it, once he goes #2 two more times. He deserves's a lot of work to potty train so I can only imagine how he must feel. Ha ha!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

You would think as old as Andy is that he could handle his own baths. LOL ;o)

There's usually a "Eureka!" moment sometime during potty training when the light comes on and they "get it." Sounds like you're almost there. After that when they have an accident it's usually a true accident, when they're sick, etc.

Emmy is 15 months old and already showing signs that she's getting ready to be potty trained. I hope it goes well, and quickly. Potty training is definitely not my favorite part of raising kids either!

Happy weekend, hope y'all get to make that trip to CC soon! :o)

Love and hugs,


Michelle said...

For some reason I had the same problem with my boys. My oldest pretty much potty trained himself with the #1 in the potty when he was about 18 months., but he would always hide somewhere to do #2. It took about 6 months before he finally got it!

Lynne said...

I'm so glad I had girls - less mess to clean up!

Diane's right - there's a moment when they "get it" and then you're home free.

We used to sing a little song to my girls when they were on the potty: (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)

Tinkle, tinkle in the pot.
In your pants you do it NOT!

They loved to sing along when they would tinkle.

Barb said...

So you're saying Andy stands there and pees on the floor and the wall? LOL

Since I'm Cameron's Nana, I'm pretty involved in this process too. He only has accidents when he's napping now and even that is usually because his blood glucose is running high.

I personally think the hardest part is stopping constantly all day long to take him to potty. But boy, when he says he's gotta go, we go!

He looks so stinkin cute in his big boy underwear. That's probably my favorite part of this process. I think he's going to have this down pat a lot faster than any of us thought.


Mandy said...

I am so not ready for this aspect of parenting. I remeber when I was there this summer, it was always "Aunt Mandy" who had to take him potty. I feel for you- I really do! Luckily I have a while before I get to this point in my parenthood journey. Heck, I'll be ecstatic if I manage to successfully conceive any time soon!

How cute that child is! I miss him so much! I can't believe he said "bummer!" Where the heck did he learn that? LOL

Krissy said...

My son surprises me with something new every day. It's good to know that I am not the only one with PT problems. I jsut can't wait for the day that he gets it all by himself with no help-then he can go to pre-school!

Gretchen said...

One thing I've seen is pee targets to put in the potty. Personally, I think a square of toilet paper would be about the same. See if Cam can "sink" it with his pee stream. Otherwise...sitting is always nice. ;)

Of course, now that my son is 12, and is only a slightly better aim, he knows where the Clorox wipes are for the seat and floor. And if he forgets, I'm so very happy to remind him. Daaaaaviiid!!!!

Yeah...not my favorite part of parenting either, but at least, as you say, they do sell alcohol at Chuckie Cheese. ;P

Linds said...

I know what Gretchen means - my boys both learned to "sink the ships" in the toilet. I tore up small pieces of toilet paper and they had to aim at them in the bowl and sink them. It worked for them! In fact I seem to remember a small group of 3 year olds all trying to sink the fleet at the same time, now I think about it! Little boys love a challenge..... I wonder...I don't know whether you are big enough to do this yet....when you are a BIG boy, you will be able to...etc etc etc.

Barb said...

I am sooooo going to float pieces of tp in the toilet! I always thought the trick was to tell them to make bubbles. The tp idea sounds better.

Sarah said...

I think potty training is just about the hardest part of having a toddler! We waited til Grayson was almost 3 1/2--he just wasn't interested. Now Addie's just over 2 and is begging to use the potty, and I'm dreading it all over again!!

Good luck with Cameron--it sounds like he's almost there!!

(And welcome back to blogging :)